National Robotics Week 2018 Events

Thank you to everyone who hosted, promoted, and participated in National Robotics Week 2017! With your continuing help, we had over 300 events for Robo Week. The ninth annual National Robotics Week will be held April 7-15, 2018 and promises to be even bigger! Submit your own event!

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Event List

  • Celebrate Robotics Exhibit at South County Library, Roanoke Library

    A STEM extravaganza at the Roanoke South County Library featuring local school and home school robotics teams, maker projects, autonomous and radio controlled robots, hacker and maker projects.

    Visit the Celebrate Robotics Exhibit at South County Library website

    Hosted by Roanoke County Library


    • April 7, 2018
      10:00am - 3:00pm


    6303 Merriman Road
    Roanoke, VA 24018

    Celebrate Robotics Exhibit at South County Library logo
  • Sea Air and Land Challenge, Suffolk Public Schools

    The Sea, Air and Land Challenge, nicknamed The SeAL Challenge, is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and provides engineering challenges for high school students based on military and first responder relevant scenarios. True to the name, the engineering challenges are held underwater, in the air and on the ground. Teams of students design, develop and build unmanned vehicles and custom payloads for the challenge of their choice. The students and educators are connected with industry engineers who help mentor the teams throughout the process. The objectives of this robotics event are three-fold. The first objective of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to tackle a difficult engineering project while still in high school. The second objective is to provide students with an awareness of the tremendous technical careers in the Department of Defense and armed forces. The third objective of the program is to help educators and administrators implement a successful STEM program into their schools given time, budget and resource constraints. On Saturday, teams will come together at King’s Fork Middle School to showcase their systems. Aerial challenges will be conducted with the students flying quadcopters. All students wishing to pilot on the day of the event must pass a flight certification test and their system is required to pass a flight worthiness test prior to Challenge Day. The students have built payloads which are attached to their quadcopter and then release an object to hit targets. The sea challenge takes place in a 1500 gallon tank with submersibles being required to locate and retrieve objects, and the land course involves robotic systems engineered to maneuver through obstacles and complete their mission within 10 minutes. The Challenges are scored by a panel of judges from industry, military, education and business, all of whom volunteer the time to generously support the initiative.

    Visit the Sea Air and Land Challenge website

    Hosted by Suffolk Public Schools


    • April 28, 2018
      9:00am - 5:00pm


    350 Kings Fork Rd
    Suffolk, VA 23434

    Sea Air and Land Challenge logo