National Robotics Week 2018 Events

Thank you to everyone who hosted, promoted, and participated in National Robotics Week 2017! With your continuing help, we had over 300 events for Robo Week. The ninth annual National Robotics Week will be held April 7-15, 2018 and promises to be even bigger! Submit your own event!

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Event List

  • Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge (H2AC) - Chicago , Mt. Carmel High School

    The H2AC introduces high school students to environmental sustainability, renewable energy and alternative fuels. The H2AC starts off with science experiments and curriculum and has students build their own hydrogen-powered RC cars. The program concludes with a 4-hour endurance race where all 20 teams race against each other in an endurance style race.

    Visit the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge (H2AC) - Chicago website

    Hosted by Horizon Educational


    • April 14, 2018
      9:00am - 5:00pm


    6410 S Dante Ave
    Chicago, IL 60637

    Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge (H2AC) - Chicago  logo