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Our Mission

The mission of National Robotics Week (RoboWeek) is simple — to inspire students in robotics and STEM-related fields and to share the excitement of robotics with audiences of all ages.

Promoting robotics

Celebrate the robotics industry with us and learn how exciting robots can be. Through events, activities and media you will witness the variety of robots and their uses across the field.

Providing experiences

Providing resources in robotics and STEM allows everyone to experience the thrill of robotics. Few fields combine so many engineering, creative and problem solving skills in one place.

Inspiring students

By sharing robotics events and activities, we can demystify robotics and allow everyone to be inspired by the opportunities STEM provides.

Event highlights

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Robotics Competition & Showcase

Riverside, CA

Students gathered to display the skills they learned in their robotics engineering classes. They showcased the engineering concepts they’d been learning about including programming robots to avoid obstacles.

Industry Showcase

Boston, MA

Toyota Research Institute partnered with Boston Public School students to build robotic hands.

Twitter Party


@BlackInRobotics shared robotics resources all month long, spotlighting the names and faces innovating robotics tech as well as virtual classes to join.

Robot Storytime

Nashua, NH

Families participated at home by reading books and exploring the process of making robots. Many used the book recordings and recommendations in the resources on the RoboWeek website.

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