National Robotics Week 2018 Events

Thank you to everyone who hosted, promoted, and participated in National Robotics Week 2017! With your continuing help, we had over 300 events for Robo Week. The ninth annual National Robotics Week will be held April 7-15, 2018 and promises to be even bigger! Submit your own event!

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Event List

  • Montana TSA State VEX Robotics Event, Montana Pavilion

    WELCOME to the Montana TSA VEX/TSA Robotics event, the TSA VEX event has the same action-packed experience of all VEX events but the format is modified to enable team members to participate in other TSA conference competitions and events. This VEX Robotics Competition is being held as part of the 2016 Montana TSA State Leadership Conference. Information about this year's conference can be found at

    Visit the Montana TSA State VEX Robotics Event website

    Hosted by VEX Robotics


    • April 11, 2016
      9:00am - 5:00pm


    308 6th Avenue North
    Billings, MT 59101

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