National Robotics Week 2018 Events

Thank you to everyone who hosted, promoted, and participated in National Robotics Week 2017! With your continuing help, we had over 300 events for Robo Week. The ninth annual National Robotics Week will be held April 7-15, 2018 and promises to be even bigger! Submit your own event!

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Event List

  • Oregon Regional MATE ROV Competition, MATE

    2015 MATE COMPETITION: SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY IN THE ARCTIC MATE’s international student underwater robotics (remotely operated vehicle or ROV) competition consists of an international event and a network of 23 regional contests that take place across the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Scotland, Japan, and Egypt. Student teams from upper elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, home schools, community colleges, universities, and community organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club and 4-H, participate. The competition consists of four different classes that vary depending on the sophistication of the ROVs and the mission requirements.

    Visit the Oregon Regional MATE ROV Competition website

    Hosted by Oregon MATE


    • April 25, 2015
      9:00am - 9:00pm


    2323 Pacific Street
    North Bend, OR 97459

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