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Build a robot, draw a robot, code a robot with your friends. There are no rules other then to share the excitement of robotics with your friends, family, or community. Share with us how you will be celebrating!

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Event List

  • Minnesota FTC State Championships, FIRST Tech Challenge

    Remote MN FTC Championships

    Visit the Minnesota FTC State Championships website

    Hosted by FIRST Tech Challenge


    • April 3, 2021
      9:00am - 5:00pm


    Minnesota FTC State Championships logo
  • Robotic Snow Plow Competition Virtual, Dunwoody College

    For more than 10 years the Autonomous Snow Plow Competition has showcased the latest and greatest in automation and robotics. Universities from around the United States and Canada compete for prize money in both a Single-I (sidewalk) and Triple-I (driveway) format. Prize money is awarded to the top 5 teams each year.

    Visit the Robotic Snow Plow Competition Virtual website

    Hosted by Dunwoody College


    • April 8, 2021
      5:00pm - 9:45pm


    Virtual: http://www.autosnowplow.com/welcome.html
    Minneapolis, MN 75702

    Robotic Snow Plow Competition Virtual logo