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Celebrate RoboWeek by learning about, building or coding a robot, showing robotics resources to a school, or helping spread the word on social media about how exciting robots are! It's that easy- you just have to love robots!

You choose how you celebrate! Whether it's a virtual event, with your safe bubble or an in-person or hybrid event, we want to know! By sharing, you inspire others to explore robots as well.

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Celebrate With Us!

Just like robots, events can be of all sizes for all ages. We encourage you to host a virtual event, or celebrate at home with your family group. Excited about celebrating but unsure about where to start? Find some ideas below or contact us to help bring your ideas to life.

  • Check out our Resource page  We have posted a lot of easy, at-home ideas on the Resources page You will find books, activities, coloring, videos and more!
  • Show off your team's robot. Were you on a FIRST team? Extend your season and show off all your hard work. Bring your robot to the library, a classroom, or local museum. Invite other students to see what you've done.
  • Show off your project. Did you make a robot for a Scout project? Does your robotics club have an awesome robot? Did you program a microcontroller to do something fun? Post a video or share your work with family and friends.
  • Open up your doors. Do you work for a robotics company or attend a university with a robotics program? Host an open house or lab tour and demonstrate your robots. Invite local families, students, or teachers to see what you are creating.
  • Explore Career Opportunities. Host a career panel, mentor a student or participate in a job shadow to share the excitement that STEM and robotics provide.