Online Resources

  • iRobot Education Learning Library – Find robot and coding activities, resources and more
  • Hour of Code Robotics and Circuits – Activities for robots or computer, some activities offer a simulator to get started with.
  • STEM-Works – Visit bios of robotics jobs and other STEM activities.
  • Secret Lives of Scientists – Watch videos and get to know dozens of scientists and engineers.
  • – Check out this cool site that features nearly 200 robots from all over the world, including several from iRobot.
  • Nova Resources – Discover how robots can do a variety of tasks from playing soccer to treating diseases to collecting rock samples from Mars.
  • Which Robot Are You? – Are you a small, social robot that can help children with autism spectrum disorder, or are you a giant humanoid robot that will help people after disasters? Or something in between? Take this quiz and find out.
  • Science Buddies – Free hands-on robotics project resources for students, parents, and teachers.

RoboWeek Resources

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